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Can Windows Come Around?

Windows 10 - Say what? It's been about a week or so that the next installment of Windows was announced. Microsoft tried to do something new here with the version number and the name indeed came as a surprise to most of us. Why name it Windows 10? Is it because the last two versions didn't do as well as Microsoft would like 'em to... so they ditched the whole thing altogether? Or is it because that Microsoft thought that we all expected it to be called Windows 9 and tried something different? It still remains a mystery. Windows 10 Doesn't Inspire Windows 10 It is still very early to comment, but the Technical Preview of Windows 10, as Microsoft calls it, is not so different from the previous versions. It seems to be a 'Windows 7' version of Windows 8.1. They revived exactly what they planned to ditch. Moreover what they introduced to be *n