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Jio + OnePlus One = 💔

I have finally got my hands on a Reliance Jio SIM card. I've been using it for the last 2 weeks now. My experience was a mixture of yay and eh what. Let me tell you about it; so you can decide whether to grab a Jio connection for your non-VoLTE phone. Getting the Connection I went to the only Reliance Digital Xpress Mini store in our town. The guy there wasn't very friendly. He angrily told me that no SIM cards were available and none will be available for the next 5 days. So I was forced to look for other ways to get a the connection. Luckily my friend +Debjyoti Sarkar  knew a distributor. The registration process was hassle free. All I had to bring was my Aadhaar number and the code generated in the MyJio app. The distributor sampled my fingerprint and the system matched them with Aadhaar database. That's it! I got my Jio connection. And by the way, the SIM card comes in a cool little paper pouch with some stickers! Activation My SIM card got activated in hours!

What's Your Biggest Achievement?

What do you consider to be your biggest achievement? Yeah, that's a question you may be asked during an interview. I have been interviewed 6 - 7 times, but that question never popped up. So I thought I'll share what I consider to be my biggest achievement. I was in 8th grade when the remote controller of our TV started causing problems. The technician told us to buy a new one. He said that the controller was causing problems because of some carbon layer. My dad bought a new remote controller and threw the old one in the trash can. I was sad to see my old buddy die. So I took it out of the trash can. I knew what I was gonna do... "I will fix it!". I always had a keen interest in electronics. Every time a new gadget came into our house, I would open it up to see how it was made and eventually break it. I was fascinated by electronics gadgets. "How does this work! How can a iron rod send my voice!" These question bugged me durin

Lenovo's Warranty Policy Is Disappointing

This will be a short post. So let's cut to the chase. A few weeks ago my Lenovo G50-80 started having issues with the "y" key. I went to the store, and they contacted Lenovo's customer care department. The representative said that he wouldn't be able to help because I had installed Ubuntu on my system. That was just hilarious. How can a piece of software effect a hardware issue? I bought the laptop because it wasn't pre-installed with Windows. I bought it to exercise my software freedom. If Lenovo is not going allow me do that, then they should just stop selling these models.

Indian News Websites Have Poor UX

"Men are visual creatures" - well, if you say so. I know I like pretty graphics and colourful icons. I feel at ease when I see a clean, white, frosted, minimal design. A simple design of an app or website tells you a lot about the efforts the developer took to create a pleasing experience. However, this is far from what Indian news website provide you. It's all but clean. From the moment you visit the website, you're bombarded with ads. And it doesn't stop there, they are going to autoplay video ads. Because who doesn't love unexpected video ads! Did I tell you the ads play with sound turned on? Your colleagues must know you're reading news at work right? Yeah, the website's got your back. India Today Landing Page (Full Page) India Today Landing Page (Viewport) NDTV Landing Page (Viewport) As you can see, from the very beginning, you're greeted with overlays and full-page ads. Now let's see some news websites with clean landin