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Mi Band Review

This is my review for the Mi Band. I have been using this smartband for 2 months now and the results have been, well, disappointing. The band has a good built quality. The main unit is also built well. It's water proof. I took a bath wearing it. No issues whatsoever. TL; DR: Good hardware, quirky software The Mi Band is backed up by buggy software. Step tracking works well, but sleep tracking is poor, very poor. Sometimes it shows that I took steps while I was asleep. If you sleep more than once in a day, your sleep data gets deleted. You can increase your step count just by shaking your hand. The app has its own quirks. It's designed well, but in 2016, I had hoped for Material Design; at least for the Android version. Synchronising with Google Fit works intermittently. The app doesn't show granular data for days other than the current day. I even had issues trying to connect the band with the app. But not everything is that crappy. The battery life is incredible. Over