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Why I Switched to Visual Studio Code

Should You Trust Microsoft's Newly Found Love? I am an avid GNU/Linux user. So the thought of using a Microsoft product (if any available) is of course a no no. At least that's what I would have said before Satya Nadella became the CEO. Microsoft is a changed company under Nadella. One can only imagine the effort it must have taken to convert such a technology giant. Microsoft has been releasing products that support GNU/Linux. Best of all, many of them are available under Free Software licenses. In 2016 GitHub  reported that Microsoft was the top contributor on GitHub. Considering Microsoft's hostility for Free Software, this was a big feat. People have written posts about whether to trust Microsoft's intentions and whether to use its products on GNU/Linux . Microsoft boldly claims it loves GNU/Linux. Microsoft ❤ Linux Enter Visual Studio Code! One such product is Visual Studio Code . It was announced at //build/ 2015. This was the first product from Microsoft tha