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In Search of the Text Editor

I've been programming since late 2011. Absolutely fell in love with it. As things started to get more and more interesting, one thing was clear, a programmer needs a text editor built for programming. I was introduced to Vim in our college and I hated it! I didn't like the modal mechanism of Vim.  Ubuntu comes pre-installed with gEdit. It's a simple text editor with not many bells and whistle. It has syntax highlighting which helps and programmer a lot. It could've been **the** text editor for me, if only it had auto completion. Alas! S o, the search began!  I didn't want to use Vim, and so turned to next big name in text editing.... Emacs! An alias of complexity ._. GNU Emacs Emacs was a natural choice for me, as I care a lot about the Free Software movement and also because I like Richard Stallman. What would be better than using a piece of software that Mr. Stallman wrote himself! Emacs is a text editor, that does everything a computer can do.... (^_^)'