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Change the Super Key - A Petition Towards the Manufactures!

Hello my fellow GNU/Linux users! My friend +Aniket Mazumdar  and I are thinking about filing a petition towards major computer manufactures, to tell them to stop embedding the Windows logo onto the super key of the computers that come preinstalled with Ubuntu and for computers in general. I believe many of you (or maybe all of you) must have been annoyed by that logo at some point of time. This may seem trivial that two guys are going up against the manufactures.... But that's why I would like all of you to join us. I'll prepare a draft of the petition and share it with you. Meanwhile, do share your views on this.

Being a Khan Academy Ambassador

Yesterday I received an invitation from Khan Academy to become their ambassador. Khan Academy's mission is to provide a free, world class education for anyone, anywhere. In my opinion, Khan Academy is the best place online to learn everything from math to physics or from biology to history. Whether you are trying to remember that what an atom means or didn't have the resources to go to school, Khan Academy is the best place to learn. It is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the community of volunteers and donors. You can learn more about the program here Khan Academy Ambassador Program . The site says, when an ambassador recruits 20 people, they will be put in a community of other ambassadors where they can share tips. And in 2015 they'll invite some of the top ambassadors to a special summit in Mountain View. I joined the program, and have been given my very own ambassador link. If you'd like to join using my link, click here: Khan Academy . Do share this a

Cloud Development Environments

To most of the programmers, the geeks, programming is a hobby. And in the recent years, everything is "going to the cloud". So you might be thinking, is there anything to take the development environment to the cloud? Yes, there is! Cloud IDEs are what you are looking for. One of the best thing about cloud development environments is that there is no hassle to set 'em up. Here is a list of online development environment that I find quite useful. Cloud9 IDE The Cloud9 IDE comes first in the list. It's beautiful and sleek. It has quite a few theme to tweak it's appearance. I like the flat theme. Looks nice to my eyes. Cloud9 IDE Interface Cloud9 IDE Terminal Cloud9 IDE provides each user a number of workspaces each within its own virtual machine. A free can have only 1 private workspace and unlimited number of public workspaces. The VMs run Ubuntu 14.04 as of the time of writing. The users are allowed to play with the VMs using the terminal. What&