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LG V30+ Review

I had been using the OnePlus One since June 2015. My smartphone game was due for an update for some time now. For my next smartphone I wanted one with no compromises. This time I wanted a flagship, not a Flagship Killer. Here a list of features I wanted the OnePlus 5/5T to have. Processor: Don't care Memory: Don't care Storage: Atleast 128GB Front camera: Don't care Rear camera: Just match the Google Pixel (looking forward to that collaboration with DxO Labs) Headphone jack: Don't care (on the bottom if it's there) Speakers: Front facing stereo ones of course OS: Android O Durability: IP68 Charging capabilities: Dash Charging (V2 maybe?) and wireless charging Color: Midnight Black 😍 Screen: No higher than QHD Battery: At least 3500 mAh SIM slot: Don't care (although having 2 slot would be great)

Notifications, Not Ads

Notifications on our smartphones are pretty common these days. Notifications are designed to provide the user with helpful information and alerts. For example, a reminder notification, an email notification, a download-in-progress notification. According to Google, Notifications provide short, timely, and relevant information about your app when it’s not in use. Source: Material Design | Notifications It's a useful feature offered by modern mobile operating systems. An average smartphone user gets many, many notifications each day. Some of 'em are useful, some of 'em are less so. Many are intruding in nature. The issue is that developers have started to abuse the notification framework. They are using notifications to serve ads and promotions which gets pretty annoying pretty quickly. These notifications are neither timely nor helpful. And almost none of apps allow you to opt out from this crap. The only thing you can do is block all notificat