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Codecademy - The Best Place to Learn Programming Online

Anybody Can Code There are tutorials and resources available for learning programming online. One of the most popular ones is W3Schools . But my favorite one is Codecademy . It has many courses including PHP, HTML & CSS, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and jQuery. The courses are very well written and are divided into several section. To move on to a next section you need apply what you learnt in the current section to solve a set of problems. What I really like about Codecademy is the interface. It has a code editor just beside the course text so you can try out what you are learning. And the given problems are helpful when learning a new programming language. Codecademy The beauty of Codecademy is that, it gives users a way to interact with it, which takes the learning process to a whole new level. With each of the courses, you also have forums to learn more from the community. You can also check out the forum if you need help while coding the given set of problems. If you