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Resources I Used to Learn Programming and about IT

The Internet is a great resource to learn anything. But sometimes it's hard to find the information you're looking for. So I have been thinking about writing a blog post, listing down the resources I used to learn the programming languages and about the IT field. So here it goes! Codecademy - Has tutorials on different programming languages and is beginner-friendly. Khan Academy - Has very good modules on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more with a unique editing environment to get down and dirty. Code School - Has lots of courses covering languages used in different domains. Didn't seem that beginner-friendly to me. Udacity - Has videos covering different domains just like Code School. The videos are really polished. But that is to be expected as Udacity makes courses in collaboration with tech giants such as Google, AT&T etc. edX - Has courses from renowned universities around the world such as the MIT and Harvard; and from tech organization like The Linux Fo

Java's File Name Constraint?

When I started learning Java, I learnt that it was required for the file containing the main class to be given the same name as that of the class itself. This not entirely true. One can name the file anything they want, as long as the public access modifier is not applied to it. The program will compile and run. I came to know about this when my friend +Aniket Mazumdar  told me about it. I didn't believe him at first. But after doing some research, it seems that he was right. Shout out to him!