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Putting Up with Censorship in India

"Control Is an Illusion" Amazon finally launched its on-demand video platform in India and it got me really pumped! Last night I started watching Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime Video. A few minutes into the first episode, and I realized that Mr. Robot is my kind of a show. But that didn't really come as a surprise. One of my fellow otaku once told me the same thing. Mr. Robot was under my radar even before he said that. When The Verge covers a TV show, you know you gotta watch it. After watching a few minutes of the show, I realized something was a bit off. The same "odd-ness" happened a few times more and I finally realized that the show was censored. I was furious 😠 I was disappointed with Amazon India. One of the main reasons for my disappointment was that content on the Internet is generally not censored. But the most annoying part was the abrupt scene changes and sudden silences, breaking the immersive experience. My G