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Why Your First Workplace Should Be a Startup

I always found it fascinating to be able to work at a startup company. To be working with the latest and greatest technologies with like minded folks seemed to be the best thing. I joined Iquester Solutions LLP on August 15 2015, two and a half months after I graduated. It turned out to be a great experience, exactly the way I thought it would. I learned a lot and I think everyone looking into a software development careers should join a startup in the beginning of their careers. Reason #1: Startups tend to use the latest and greatest technologies out there. They generally don't have software written using older technologies which they need to support. Reason #2: You get to work at your own time and place, even from home. Being a night owl, it was a big plus for me :D Reason #3: Startups generally have small number of employees. And this is a great learning opportunity. You get to code, you get to test your code, you get to be the support technician, you  get to be the pers